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I Hardly Listen to Latest Country Music: Emmylou Harris Confesses

In a recent interview in Australia, Emmylou Harris’ reaction to a question on whether she listens to country music surprised many of her admirers. “I really don’t listen to current country”, Emmylou answered. The fact of the matter is, she no longer perceives herself as a country artist. To her, music is part of her past and her eyes are focused elsewhere.
Nonetheless, she has to her credit a second album, The Travelling Kid, which she has just released with Rodney Crowell. Rodney has been a phenomenal figure in the life of Emmylou Harris. The duo have known each other since the 70s, and their high quality songs reflect how fine their crafting can be. The previous album, Old Yellow Moon, released by the duo in 2013, attests to how well harmonized and set their music is. However, for most of the time since they got to know each other, Emmylou and Harris have been busy partnering with others to make music.
For a long time, the world waited anxiously for a song by Emmylou Harris. Her long wait has yielded positive results in the music world, and her success is based on her patience and partnership with other artists. Her album is a culmination of hard work and patience.
Harris gives credit to friends she met and shared her dreams with. According to her, these are the ones who have inspired her to be where she is. She as well draws inspiration from other musicians she is yet to meet, but whose music she respects a lot. These have played vital roles in making her who she is in the music industry. Gram Parsons, she says, is the one who mentored her and changed her music career before he passed on in 1973 as a result of drug overdose. “Music is a journey which you cannot take alone; collaboration gives artists direction and you end up with unique teams with unique harmony with your voice”, quipped Emmylou Harris. The Travelling Kid has been officially released and is out on Nonesuch Records. Emmylou and Rodney are on tour in the US, and will be moving to Australia in June to entertain music loving fans to a series of great tunes.

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Meet Fort Romeau, the Emerging Electronic Music Genius

Still green in the music industry, Mike Greene, popularly known as Fort Romeau, has electrified the electronic music scene. Despite joining the industry recently, he has become a force to reckon with. The London DJ and producer, has brought passion into the industry and emotionally transformed the house and techno music genre perceptions among fans and enthusiasts alike. His freely flowing kind of music is entirely owned by his adorers and fanatics.
Greene’s career took a different direction when he attracted the attention of Ghostly International boss Sam Valenti IV. He has, in recent years, released several remixes, singles and EPs for great names like Allen and Andreya Triana.
Greene’s electro music career literally began at Ghostly International. His initial stint saw him start with a remix, a single and later an album with the full support of Sam Valenti. His choosing to work with Ghostly International was based on the attitude and the variety of sound among artists. These attributes, according to Greene, makes Ghostly a professional art gallery-like outfit accommodating various artists.
Coming from the DJing niche, Fort Romeaus’ choice of music is general to suit the diverse audience. Much of this combines the experimental music of the 70s, the 80s wave and partially EDM. As a DJ, you choose music according to the fan base or audience. Music consumers look for variety a fact that is well known by DJs.
Given his computer game playing abilities as a child, Fort Romeau has over the years perfected the idea of involving the crowds which he consciously does without playing music to himself. His music is modulated by the listeners and not himself.
Fort Romeau is not your usual collector of records but his passion is content based. As much as music is serious business, one does not have to be serious. You do not have to be in a band to succeed in the electric music realm, hence his invitation to perform at the Movement Music Festival under Ghostly International on 24th May, 2015 at Hart Plaza.

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Carrie’s Something in the Water in a Conflicted Relationship with Religion

Carrie Underwood’s hit song Something in the Water has brought into the fore the controversial religious versus secular music genres, with her music becoming the preferred spiritual channel. This new genre hit the Christian charts and left many yearning for more.
Despite the country’s partying mood, the hit has put alot of spiritual sense, not only to the fans, but also to the Savior’s followers. Given the summer radio party time for the popular songs, two-thirds of 2014 was dominated by the billboards hot country chart songs. The reggae themed Sun Daze also hit the number one spot in February in the charts affirming the popularity of religious songs over the country counterparts. This is basically measured on popular radio air play time.
With the onset of the inspirational Carrie Underwood hit, Something in the Water, radio stations are embracing the spiritual message which inspires their audience. However, with all the excitement, Carrie Underwood’s inspirational piece, Something in the Water, has come at a time when the radio listeners are seeking divine intervention and redemption from the norm. The single is in good faith despite the usual country belief and division between what is spirituality and morally right versus the secular.
Dominating the Top 40 on both Christian and secular music charts is milestone in the devotional and praise realm. No wonder many bands adopted it for church services and evangelic meetings among others. With all these factors, the idea behind the hit song was for devotion though the theme was taken over by the partying enthusiasts despite the clear message of God watching over His entire creation.
Due to the perceived country music conflicting relation with religion, Something in the Water was purely religious to inspire and help in self improvement. The skeptics have rated it one of the saddest hits of our time.

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